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🐝 Miel da Mont il 1º in Trentino ad essere riconosciuto Presidio Slow Food Italia. 🏔
🐝 Miel da Mont: Presidio Slow Food Italia!

Summer in Val di Fassa

Active holidays in Trentino

Moving outdoors, surrounded by the Dolomites.
Fields, forests, mountains and the blue sky.
Walking or by bike, along the easy paths on the valley floor or up in the mountains, summer in Val di Fassa is the season of sport.
There’s something for everyone “for those looking for rest in the stillness and for those looking in fatigue an even stronger moment of rest”.

We want to suggest three trekking itineraries that we like very much.

Sensory path

Easy – 1/2 hour

The sensory paths starts from Soraga Alta, close to our house. The “Strada de Riva”, that goes up just behind hotel Molinella brings you to the beginning of this path called “Percorso sensoriale”.

You can walk barefoot in the wood among little creeks, boardwalks, entertainments, sounds and surprising presences.

In summer, weekly, our territory’s guides organise a tour and you can freely join it!

Geological/scenic path

Medium difficulty- from half a day to a full day

From the outskirts of Soraga called Sester, 300 meters from our house, an easy path goes into the woods that smells like spruce and mushrooms.

Right after an opening, you will find a real scenic point over Soraga, you’ll see an important boundary stone that marked the border between the episcopal principalities of Trento and Bressanone.
You’ll reach a wide clearing with a restructured shelter that offers some refuge and an occasion for a picnic.

After a break you can follow a narrower path that goes through the wide geological window called “Rosse Rosse”.
Here enjoy a vast view of the valley below you!

The path leads you to Tamion where you can breath air that smells of ancient days gone by: it will be a pleasure arriving here!

From Tamion you can come down from the paths that leads you directly back to your starting point.

Historical-religious hike

Medium difficulty- all day long

This time the direction is Vigo di Fassa.
From our house you can follow for a short stretch the Avisio river and then take the path that goes through the wide fields and through the woods that lead you to the town of Vigo di Fassa.

The fascinating church of Santa Giuliana, Val di Fassa protector’s dominates Vigo di Fassa town and seems to tell you to reach her.
Up there you’ll find a rich artistic treasure chest in an ancient place where they practised pagan cults. People say it also was the place where witches gathered for their sabbath.

Here you can reconnect to the “wondera path”: a flat path that goes through the woods with signs that invite you to reflect and meditate over the different components of Nature (water, wood).

The descent to the town passes close to the Gothic church of San Giovanni and to the Museo Ladino. Once you are in San Giovanni you can easily reach the cycle path that brings you back to Soraga, following the Avisio river.

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