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🐝 Miel da Mont il 1º in Trentino ad essere riconosciuto Presidio Slow Food Italia. 🏔
🐝 Miel da Mont: Presidio Slow Food Italia!

Brunel family. Pleased to meet you.

You'll find us in Soraga, in Val di Fassa and this is our organic farmhouse

Welcome to Ciasa Dò Parè, our home.
We are Luigi, Flavia, Aurora and Alessandro.

Ciasa is the bound to hearth, that is belonging, family and tradition but it’s also warmth and hospitality.
We don’t offer you luxury and glossy things, here you’ll find respect for Nature, farmer’s pride and quality for the little and genuine things.

We have five apartments, intimate and cozy. You’ll find them close to our organic farm, to our school farm and to our vegetable garden. We have five cows, 15 goats, 12 chickens and 50 bees families that give us high quality raw materials that you’ll find in our farm’s tavern.

Organic, is not a trend but it has always been a lifestyle: living by nature, respecting earth and people.

"We need nature and nature needs us. The love I give to my daily job comes back to me: it's a loop that closes itself, harmony with earth that fills me with pride.
I'm lucky because I feel like I have an important role in this world."Aurora
"Nature and Mountains are able to give us a lot if we respect them. Our farm is small but genuine and our products are “good, honest and fair”."Alessandro

Yes, we are a family, a team and we’re here to give you hospitality and our healthy products directly from our soil.

We’ll introduce ourselves better.


I was born in Soraga, in 1988.
I live day by day and like everyone else here in our house, I work hard from morning till night.
Earth gives me energy, I recognise and appreciate the daily presents of Nature and I’m happy.
I enjoy colours, sounds and the smells of all seasons.
In Summer, when evening’s stillness approaches, I let the song of crickets caress me and during winter I sit in front of the fireplace listening to the crackling of the fire.

"Aurora is sweet but shy and an introvert with a sunny disposition. She's very connected to Earth and nature."Alessandro

When you call or write I’m the one who answers you, together with my mom Flavia. With her I take care of your stay in our apartments.

In our organic farm I work with bees, I extract honey, I place it into jars and label it. I make yogurt and our tasty fresh cheese.

I’m a farmer, entrepreneur and during my studies I met Alessandro, my husband and father of Caterina, our new arrival, who’s growing with our noble milk and plays with hay.[vc_single_image image=”208″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”fadeIn”]


I’m from Bolzano, I was born in 1983.
Aurora has already explained how I came here.
I remember that the first time I came in town I stopped my car to let the chickens cross the road.
In Val di Fassa you can live the real Ladin life, it’s a genuine place: how wonderful!

The days are very long but I love having people around and I’m very grateful when our guests understand what we do.
I’m the one that will tell you about our job and about all the values that keeps us very close to our precious earth.

"Alessandro is outgoing, systematic and organised. He's our communicator: he explains with mind but he also puts his heart into things, he speaks about ethic and values, of the respect of our environment."Aurora

I take care of our school farm, I make cheese, I help making hay and I take care of our animals, together with Luigi.


I’m proud of coming from Soraga, I was born in 1949.
I’m very connected to my earth, to tradition’s values and to Val di Fassa farmers’ pride.
I love ancient things and I make everything as they once did; with the calm that is necessary to do things as best as I can.

"Luigi is responsible for every ancient tool that you'll find hanging here in the farmhouse.
He's a good, silent man. He loves details and order."Flavia

I take care of bees with my daughter Aurora and with my son-in-law Alessandro; I’m a certified tutor for our farmers school and I make our mountain hay, cutting it by hand.

Thanks to our bees, that in summer we transport in high mountain, and to our friends of Rifugio Flora Alpina I met my wife Flavia.

"With his tenacity and perseverance he put the foundations to develop our farm. He has always been into organic produce, since 2006, when organic wasn't a trend."Alessandro


I’m from Falcade, I was born in 1953.
I have been living in Soraga with my husband Luigi for 30 years.

I work in our vegetable garden, I take care of our medical herbs and of our chickens.
Together with my daughter Aurora I take care of our apartments and of your stay in our house.

I’m the “mountain guide” of our whole family: if you have any hesitation where to go, ask me.

"She's our “sorcerer”, she knows a lot about mountain medicinal herbs that you'll find in our garden and puts them in our homemade grappas. "Aurora

We would love to get you involved and make you live our values.
We’ll wait for you in Soraga, in Val di Fassa, at our home!

"Our guests come for her, she takes care of them and with her they feel at home. Flavia is a mountain woman: she's a down-to-earth woman, with hard exterior but she's very generous and she can give a lot to people."Luigi
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