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🐝 Miel da Mont il 1º in Trentino ad essere riconosciuto Presidio Slow Food Italia. 🏔
🐝 Miel da Mont: Presidio Slow Food Italia!

Organic farm Ciasa do Parè, in Val di Fassa

Our land flavours, from organic agriculture.

We have inherited our passion for our land.
Being farmers, for us, means working hard and with pride, respecting nature and our territory’s traditions.

Ours is a mountain, certified organic and multifunctional farm..That means that our job doesn’t focus only on one activity, but, in order to survive, follows the mountain system that has always worked in more than one direction.

Ours is a sustainable model that respects environment, economy and people.

Cows, goats, calfs and chickens

We are an “Ark farm” (from the German work “Archehof). In our farm you’ll find “Rendena “and “Grigio Alpina” cows, “Pezzata Mochena” goats. Those three breeds, that are local breeds, are on the way of extinction. They fit well with our climate and high mountain forage.

We also raise calves for the meat that you’ll find in our farm tavern.
Calves grow healthy with their mother’s milk and with the forage we collect in our fields.

Chickens walk freely around the farm and in our fields; Everyday they give us high quality fresh eggs.

Our cheese

Cows and goats give us some delicious milk that we transform into cheese.

Our laboratory for the transformation of agricultural products has been the first and, until now, the only organic certified laboratory in the whole of the Fassa valley.

We produce cow’s, goat’s, mixed cow’s and goat’s cheese. Our cheese is row milk, that means we don’t pastorise it. We also do not use industry’s starters; On our own we produce our starter (latte innesto). The milk we use for cheese follows noble milks’ procedural guideline.

We do sell our cheese, come and taste it!

Noble milk (Latte nobile)

Noble milk is produced by animals that aren’t genetically pushed, with more than 80% mountain forage from our stable fields and only 20% of corn,barley and soft wheat.

We do collect five different types of hay, that we successfully mix to feed our animals the best.
We do collect mountain hay (first and second harvest from valley floor), high mountain hay and alfa alfa.

Every cow doesn’t produce more than 5000 litres milk pro year.

Noble milk is healthier and nourishing, it’s smell is very intense and its colour tends to yellow. This milk is full of vitamins, mineral salts, linoleic acid and a ratio Omega-6/Omega-3 below 6 , value suggested by doctors.

Bees and honey

We have carnic bees and our honey is healthy and without pesticides. We mainly have two kinds: mountain’s multiflower and high mountains’ multiflower.
High mountains’ honey is rare and precious because it’s made up on San Pellegrino Pass, 1900 meter high and the period where bees can work is only one month.
The variety of mountain flowers makes this honey perfumed and tasty.

From year to year, our honey’s types have different scents. Come to taste it, we sell it too.

Vegetable garden

In our vegetable garden we grow onions, potatoes, Savoy cabbage, carrots, cabbage, celery, spinach, swiss chard and zucchini.

We do also have some small fruits like: strawberries, raspberries, rhubard, blackcurrant, red currant, gooseberry. With them we produce our organic jams.

Our products grow 1280 meter high, in the very heart of the Dolomites. They are “good, honest and fair” and they’re the same you’ll find in our farm tavern’s plate.

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