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🐝 Miel da Mont il 1º in Trentino ad essere riconosciuto Presidio Slow Food Italia. 🏔
🐝 Miel da Mont: Presidio Slow Food Italia!

Winter menu 2023

Menu of the farmer's restaurant at km 0 in Ciasa dò Parè

Ingredient produced or harvested from nature by us

Slow Food presidium ingredient

Tasting menu 67 €

a spas, d’invern, te bosch

Venison carpaccio, game garum, chanterelles mushrooms preserved in oil, kefir cheese and pickled fir buds


Risotto with our Grigio Alpina’s molesina, green juniper oil and forest scent


Venison sausage and Trentino pork , pumpkin puree from the garden, pear with mandarin and cinnamon and green forest sauce


A pine cone into the woods

(milk, eggs)


Cold cuts and cheese from our farm selection with marmalade or mustard and the Miel da Mont honey our bees produce at 1900 meters above see level

(milk in our cheese, gluten in some salami)

piccolo 18 €
medio 27 €
grande 38 €

Roasted pumpkin from the garden, Nostrano fondue, Trentino balsamic vinegar, crunchy pumpkin seeds and spruce oil


12 €

Our homegrown Grigio Alpina Veal's tartare winter relish, robiola and burnt wheat crackers

(milk, mustard, gluten, nuts)

17 €

Organic alpine char or fario trout from Biotrota Dolomiti (depending on availability) with marinated onions, bagna cauda and broccoli

(milk, gluten)

16 €

First courses

Egg ravioli stuffed with chicken, thistle, chicken jus and salted polipodio (wild root) soil

(milk, gluten, eggs)

16 €

Ancient bean soup from Fiordalisa farm, corn cracker with radicchio

(gluten into the cracker)

15 €

Pumpkin Spazle with courtyard ragu, Trentingrana fondue, bread foam, crunchy speck and castalda herb

(milk, gluten, egg, celery)

15 €

Main courses

Our version of groestl; potato foam, braised Grigio Alpina’s veal, crunchy garden potatoes and sour onions

(milk, eggs)

20 €

Braised garden celeriac, vegetable base, black cabbage chips, wild gramolada, pumpkin pure with hazelnuts

(gluten in the gramolada)

16 €

Guinea fowl breast, pear with mandarin and cinnamon aroma, pearà sauce with lichen


23 €



(gluten, eggs, nuts)

8 €

Tiramisu with homemade ladyfingers with larch flowers and Anterivo coffee with walnut husk

(eggs, gluten, nuts)

10 €

A pine cone into the wood

(eggs, milk)

9 €
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