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🐝 Miel da Mont il 1º in Trentino ad essere riconosciuto Presidio Slow Food Italia. 🏔
🐝 Miel da Mont: Presidio Slow Food Italia!


Bauernhaus-Gasthaus-Menü bei Ciasa dò Parè mit 0 km

Von uns produzierte oder in der Wildnis gesammelte Zutaten

Zutat des Slow Food-Präsidiums


Platter of cold cuts and cheese from our farm

(milk in our cheese, gluten in some salami)

small 18 €
medium 26 €
big 35 €

Slow-cooked egg from our happy hens with pumpkin cream, crispy laurel bread, and Nostrano cheese fondue

(egg, gluten, milk)

12 €

Our homegrown Veal's tartare marinated in mountain honey, Teroldego's creacker and relish

(milk, mustard, gluten, nuts)

16 €

Organic trout from Biotrota Dolomiti marinated in red spruce, fermented plums, hay milk robiola cheese, and mountain chips.

(egg, milk, gluten)

15 €

First courses

Fresh homemade pasta 'tagliolino', organic trout, stone pine oil and fermented pine powder

(egg, milk, gluten)

16 €

Mountain potatoes gnocchi, wild spinach cream, our milk's kefir and speck powder

(gluten, egg, milk, celery)

15 €

Wild herbs dumplings, violet cabbage from the garden's foam

(milk, gluten, egg)

14 €

Main courses

Mountain Erbazzone (savoury cake) with our cheese fondue

(milk, gluten, egg)

16 €

Grey Alpine veal and Trentino pork luganega sausage, two-textured cauliflower, and roast sauce


20 €

Fish'n'chips made with organic trout from Predazzo, porcini mushroom aioli

(milk, gluten, egg, nuts)

19 €


Carlotta's cake with strawberry grape's sorbet

(gluten, eggs, nuts)

8 €

Creme brulee made with organic eggs and hay from Fuciade mountain place

(milk, eggs)

8 €

Autumn forest walk


9 €
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