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🐝 Miel da Mont il 1º in Trentino ad essere riconosciuto Presidio Slow Food Italia. 🏔
🐝 Miel da Mont: Presidio Slow Food Italia!

Frühlingsmenü 2024

Menu of the farmer's restaurant at km 0 in Ciasa dò Parè

Von uns produzierte oder in der Wildnis gesammelte Zutaten

Zutat des Slow Food-Präsidiums


Platter of cold cuts and cheese from our farm

(milk in our cheese, gluten in some salami)

small 18 €
medium 27 €
big 38 €

Marinated arctic char, rose turnip, schuettelbrot, leek sauce, sweet and sour dandelion

(gluten, milk)

18 €

Our Grigio Alpina veal's tartare marinated with Miel da Mont, burnt wheat crackers, relish

(milk, mustard, gluten, nuts)

18 €

Soft egg, white asparagus, horseradish foam, black garlic, miso

(eggs, milk)

15 €

First courses

Fresh homemade egg pasta 'fettuccina', wild deer ragout, agretti and green asparagus

(gluten, eggs, milk)

18 €

Peas and mint cream, milk kefir, beet, seed chips


16 €

Stuffed ravioli with char, trout and dandelion sauce, fermented cabbage, mountain thyme, trout eggs

(milk, gluten, eggs, celery)

19 €

Main courses

Pork belly cooked at low temperature lacquered with Miel da Mont, spring carrot cream, fermented radishes, chamomile sauce


23 €

Nonna Franca's snails: stewed snail on whey cream, mountain potato, parsley sauce

(milk, celery)

20 €

Marinated grilled carrot, parsnip puree, hazelnut male flowers with mint, bbq sauce ,elder.


18 €


Anterivo's lupine beer cake, IPA sorbet, malt praline

(gluten, eggs, nuts, lupine)

10 €

Dark chocolate mousse, strawberries with chirified veal fat

(nuts, milk, eggs)

10 €

A babà on holiday in Trentino: sponge cake filled with Bombardino

(milk, eggs, gluten)

9 €
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